There is now a lake from the north end of Reef Village to the side road where the trucks from the barge come in. These water holes are so deep that the water came across the floor of my golf cart the other day. This was BEFORE the big storm on Saturday night and rain every night since then.
Folks coming down from the north keep tearing down the fence that blocks off the private property across from Reef Village. This means that all the traffic now passes on my property right under my bedroom window. What else are people to do???
Maybe Reef Village should be filling the road with that stuff they are dredging up from the lagoon???
I was told their permit is to dredge sand from the lagoon to fill the road. What sand? It is all black goop. What road? One they are going to build in the lagoon? That’s where they are piling up the black goop.
This is not the way to win friends and influence people. :p

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