I have a friend who is planning a move to Bz. shortly. She is coming in as a tourist (so I would presume she won't be able to get a bank account until she puts in her year, then waits till she gains residency status). Her notion is to extract cash as needed with her ATM card from her existing Canadian domestic account. She has in mind to acquire a second bank card, should something go wrong with the first. I have understood that most banks accept foreign ATM cards in Belize (albeit for a fee of course). Can anyone see why this might not be a good way of sustaining oneself prior to residency, then, presumably opening a Belizian acct? Would letters of reference benefit her as well? For myself, I understand from speaking with a local Canadian bank official, that I could have funds transferred to my bank's "Visa" card, and take cash advances from Belizian banks (using my cc much like an account, without interest paid, or withdrawn so long as I maintain a plus balance) for the time when I am ready to make my own move. (seems better than cash in a sock) I would welcome comments on this matter. Thanks.