Since this discussion kinda started (yes, I am guilty) after Jesse's funny cartoon in the General Chat area, lets take it to where it really belongs: Living In Belize...

This is about the roads on our island.

Living in Belize also means respecting the fact that we are fortunate to live in one of the most beautiful places on the planet, so why screw it all up by disrespecting the grounds we walk and live on, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the fish and veggies we eat etc...

It is sad to see educated people with enough money to build great resorts and wonderful homes, and who are yet not capable of mobilizing the cash and brain power to pay somebody to clean up their mess and invest a couple of thousands in a decent incenerator.

I gues the only people who can answer my question are the ones who are responible for the pollution. My question is very simple: Why don't you care?

Anyone who think that batteries, styrofoam, fiberglass insulation, paint buckets etc. make great land- and road fill, should have their heads examined. I hope that all us "locals" can join forces and stop the nasty things that take place. The worst places at this point are the road north (you know who you are) and (even worse) the lagoon in the back, especially the new road south to the new barge landing.

I am about to gather pictures and other info for the health inspector and the town board, so we can (hopefully) put a stop to this very bad situation before it gets out of hand. Anyone living here who would like to support this, should contact me.

I don't hate the people who ruin our environment. I just feel sorry for their ignorance. So let's help them understand...

Ebbe Weile
[email protected]