I am just what you need, someone who has not yet even been to Belize (1 more month!) offering suggestions!!!

I do think that engaging the kids is an easy place to start. I can still remember the Keep America Beautiful program that “Lady Bird” Johnson endorsed back in the mid 1960s. Damn I am OLD – how has this happened???

Anyway, it was great sport to scold your parents for being a “litter bug”. It was easy to get us interested in our environment – and this was in St. Louis which doesn’t even have a beach!!!

My guess is that businesses have one the greatest economic incentives to controlling litter and I would assume that they are “hit up” to donate to community causes such as equipping sports teams with uniforms, playground equipment, school supplies and such. Maybe they contribute to a fund that doled out some extras based on kid hours spent picking up trash. (Heck even some adults will volunteer for a cool tee shirt!) With a bit of supervision and some supplies a group of soccer teams or something might have an impact and more importantly it could help to raise awareness. Of course this won’t help much with commercial interests dumping illegally.

I have also read here about your Lions Club and their BBQ - perhaps they could be persuaded to offer a “discount” for bringing in a bag of trash or a free beer (ice cream or something for the kids).

An Adopt-A-Road style project could be modified to Adopt-A-Beach.

Does Belize utilize “Community Service” as punishment for minor criminal infractions?

While certainly not specific to Belize and perhaps not even applicable, it is interesting nevertheless that Keep America Beautiful, Inc. did a research project over the course of three years and found that people litter for one of three main reasons.

· Where they feel no sense of ownership or pride for the property
· Where someone else will clean up after them
· Where litter has already accumulated and they feel it is okay to add more

The research project also uncovered the seven main sources of litter.

· Commercial refuse sources, including dumpsters
· Household trash handling
· Construction/demolition sites
· Uncovered vehicles (especially truck beds)
· Loading docks
· Motorists
· Pedestrians

Oh well, just my thoughts and not worth what you paid for them but no, there are no refunds and yes I will pick up some trash for rum!

Damn this change from Daylight Savings Time waking me up at this ungodly hour!