I believe there is a 5 cent return on the plastic bottles at Bowen and Bowen. But not on the bags!

Maybe the bottling company would be a good place to start looking for a "No Littering" campaign.

Of course what Ebbe is talking about is the atrocious "dumping" on the north side. As he already stated, paint cans, rebar, stryofoam etc does not make good land fill - but it saves the contractor a lot of money in haulage. It is disgusting, shameful and dangerous to the environment. And our acceptance of these practices simply teaches our children that it is acceptable behaviour.

Also it is not only the "locals" that are causing these ugly practices but also foreigners.

If your building contractor has just built a house or a condo for you up north - have you seen where your construction trash went? Ask, you might be shocked to find out that you are contributing to this disgrace.