I fully support the theme of this exchange of emails but I fear, to give my two cents worth on the subject, that there is no easy solution. For instance we have had building and other rubbish dropped on our land at the lagoon side of our property next to the road.

Should we be fined if it is not cleared up?

The fact is that we don't like it and we have asked our caretaker to try and keep it cleared up but I am rather worried as he does that it will encourage the perpetrators to do it again! Frustrating!

We are gradually trying to make this area of our land look smart with tree plantings, path edging etc., in the hope that these people will be embarrassed into ceasing their activity but I suspect I am being nieve in that expectation but it is worth a try.

In the end I suspect that the problem will just move up the island as construction moves north so once our area is 'fully' developed then the problem will go away from where we are - that, of course, is no consolation to others affected and clearly not a satisfactory solution overall.