Sorry to go on again, but this subject is really one of the most important ones in regards to the future of A.C.

I have seen beautiful places ruined, and would hate to see it happen to our island. Yes, I'm very much in danger of repeating myself (over and over), but here I go again:
It is not about a kid throwing his ice cream paper on the side of the road. It is about all us adult, educated, somewhat wealthy people who need to show that we have the resources to be good examples.

One of the main problems at a few places here up north on the island is people who moved here years ago, now developing million dollar projects, and who are still too imbecile to realize the sense in hiring somebody to pick up their trash and used construction materials. You know who you are, and I am not going to mention your names (yet).
Here is a little piece of advice for you: Carlos Bradley (Cell: 600 - 5737) is bringing the trash that does not burn in my incinerator to the town dump down south for $BZ 125.- per (huge) load.

F.Y.I.: the road along my property (500 feet+) was made beautiful at a total cost of $BZ 6,000 including backhoe rental and all. Don't y'all think that it's worthwhile to spend a small percentage of what we paid for our land to keep the access clean and nice for our residents, tourists and future investors?.

The town board can't afford it, so let's kick in with a few dollars more and keep the roads in shape, but most of all clean!!!

I am really looking forward to the day where I can go north from town without seing half-empty paint-thinner buckets, styrofoam, plastic and, and, and... spread all over the road and at the lagoon shores. Hell, with a little luck, I might even be able to pass the road between Belizean Shores and Journey's End some day without punctured tires and feeling sorry for the ignorant people who made the new dump-site there.