On the subject of Belize City, I'm impressed by the improvements there. There's been a real effort to clean up the streets -- both in terms of safety and in actual garbage. More buildings are sporting new coats of paint. Signing is much better, with directions posted to main points of interest for visitors. The entire waterfront area in the Fort George and down by the Princess and Marina Towers is looking great -- it doesn't even look like BElize City anymore, more like the seafront of a city in the main Caribbean. Crime against visitors is down -- I can't recall when the last time I heard of a serious incident.

Of course, it's still Belize City. A couple of days ago, I was hit up three times in 15 minutes by the "gimme dollar" guys, and right across the park from the National Handicraft Centre and around the corner from the Radisson there was a homeless guy, stark naked, taking a bath in a ditch.

--Lan Sluder

Lan Sluder/Belize First