Oh well, I know I should keep my two cents out of this topic but here goes(pile on whenever you're ready)
Personally from the old "school", if it swims, crawls, flys or has fur(or hair in some cases) its probably go to eat. Lets it it! I wouldnt care if it breathes through a nose, gills or a hole in the top of its head. If its an animal, its edible.
While I know many of you are aginst this time of attraction for what I guess are moral? reasons,let me pass this experience along,and see if this reasoning makes any sense to you all.
On a recent short cruise with entire immediate family - 6 adults and 6 grandchildren(7 thru 12) they spent half of the day at a Dolphin Encounter in Nassau - I signed them up. Prior to this none were particularly interested in Dolphins, Whales,etc it was take it or leave it. Let me tell you if you are looking for converts to your way of thinking you got 12 new ones especially the kids. Not only educational and informative but mind changing.When they got home it was buy books about Dolphins,"what do you have grandpa," on and on. When I joke about having one for lunch I get a punch in the ribs instead of a shoulder shrug.
Think about it!
Maybe I'm wrong but I didnt see any tears in the eyes of the Dolphins either?
Go ahead gimme your best shot! laugh