Bit out of date as we did it five years ago. Used a company called Express Removals or Express something or other. I can dig out the details if you need them - email me from web site. They were brilliant. Came to the house in London the day before we left & packed everything individually ie each plate cup etc crated up the bigger stuff and put it in the container outside in the street - not one thing was broken on arrival. We did however have a full (FCL?) 20 foot container. Thought we would only need partial container and probably did as some stuff is still in the boxes!!!!You can do partial containers (PCL ?)too but more agro. Has to come via Florida (Port Everglades or Fort Lauderdale from memeory, not Miami) and then on to Belize City and then here. Took a week or so. Not sure how duty works on private belongings these days but you might want to look into if you haven't - it could be a nasty surprise when they charge you big$ on arrival for your things.