Hi everyone! I've recently become fascinated with Belize. I'll be making my first trip down in the later part of May. I'm hoping that Belize will be a good fit and that I'll take 'early retirement' there(I'm 34 but have sufficient investment income to live comfortably). Since I'm not old enough to go the qualified retired person route I'll probably be more or less a perpetual tourist. Which means I can't have a job. I really don't want a job....I have enough money and I'm trying to get AWAY from punching a time clock...not move the time clock to another country. But I digress....this posting is about barter. I have quite a few useful and possibly rare skills(don't know how rare because I haven't been down there yet). Anyhow I'm wondering if it is ok to do a bit of bartering? An example might be that I groom little Fifi for you and you have some lovely orange trees, so as a thankyou you bring me some fresh oranges. Would this sort of thing be considered accepting pay? LOL....you can take the american out of america but you can't kill the capitalism smile