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Ministry of Finance

IMF Concludes Annual Article IV Mission to Belize

Belmopan - 29 August, 2006
A Mission from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) led by Andreas Bauer today concluded a visit to Belize during which it conducted the discussions for the IMFs Annual Article IV Review of Belize.

Staff members of the Caribbean Development Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank also participated in the review meetings.

During their visit to Belize, from 17 to 29 August, 2006, the Mission held discussions with the Belize Authorities including the Rt. Hon. Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, members of the Public Finance Committee, senior officials of Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank of Belize, representatives of the commercial banks, the business community, labor, and the Hon. Leader of the Opposition.

IMF Executive Director for Belize, Mr. Jonathan Fried, and Mrs. Yvette Alvarez, Advisor to the Executive Director, participated in the wrap-up meeting held today with the Belizean Authorities at the Central Bank of Belize.

At the end of the visit, the Mission issued a statement summarizing its preliminary conclusions, which has been posted on the IMF website, and can be accessed under . This statement can also be accessed from the Central Bank of Belize Website, under section: Information for Belizes Creditors.

The Article IV Report on Belize is scheduled to be considered by the IMF Executive Board in October 2006 after which the Report and related statements will be issued for public information on the IMF website.