Thanks for the great PR! One of the reasons I work so hard year around for a great ten days is the response we get from the first time jumpers! It is great to watch the expressions...Windjammer on her B-day, Amanda and Rosie,SimonB looking like he saw a ghost in the door before we jumped! And when Chris comped his entire staff at the Blue Water grill the first year...what a thrill for us! One of his waiters had never even been in an airplane before!
I'm knee deep in boogie preparations as we're only about 10 weeks away!
Thank you to everyone here that has supported our group. We have 130 people coming down so far! And we'll be trying Pasta La Vista for sure!
If you are in San Pedro from February 10-19 please stop in at the SunBreeze and say hello. I'll be the guy running around like "mother hen"! And for sure stop in and sing happy birthday to Windjammer!
I'll be posting the nightly party list soon, come join us at the local establishments each evening!