on the subject of hookworm and other such nemeses, have you ever
read Victor Heiser's "An American Doctor's Odessy"? Heiser spent much
of his life working for the Rockefeller Foundation working around the
world on hookworm, malaria, yellow fever, etc.

The book was published in 1938, and used copies are readily available on
the net (cheapest: 96 cents!). It is full of fascinating stories of
just the kind of medical detective work that you enjoy (as opposed to
doing battle with the FDA - which I don't think even existed then).

The book starts out with an amazing adventure in which the young Heiser
survives the Jonestown flood.

It is well worth reading if you have not already done so.

That sounds real interesting Book -- and I have read but one like it
longtime ago -- about a British Doctor in the 20's living on a large sail
boat servicing the far east - -and some of his adventures -- from the
Indonesian and Philippine Islands to China and all about.

And yes -- very educational as well.

for instance -- he found a lot of Rich Chinese were suffering from
Pernicious anemia and did very well for himself curing them using
desiccated pig liver as the "medicine".

Or curing Berri Berri by using rice husk tea.

As you mention -- when the world was result oriented -- not "meetings"

Did you ever read about the old scientist in the 20's and 30's that
perfected maggot therapy??

All so politically incorrect these days -- but so very effective back
"when" --

Now -- here is an excellent book on "medicine" for people living in this
part of the world.

All in Spanish though:

"Donde no Hay Doctor"

Una guia para los Campesinos que viven lejos de los cetnrao medicos

Written by David Werner and Carol Thuman and Jane Maxwell.

Every survivalist should have one!!

Printed in Mexico -- ISBN 968-860-503-4

Copyright is to:

The Hasperian Foundation
Palo Alto, California, 94302