The exciting Ruta Maya canoe race is on again this weekend. The Caye Caulker Fly Weights Canoe Team is slated to enter the race this year. The canoe team is being sponsored by the Caye Caulker business community.

As a practice run, they enetered the Boom to Belize City race last month, and placed 2nd in the women's division behind regular favorite Koop Sheet Metal.

We wish them every success as Caye Caulker's name (and their pride and ours) is riding on their efforts. By all accounts, they will be strong contenders for first place this year.

I personally have seen the girls practice. They take their canoes out in the surf, tie tires to the canoes (for heavyweight practice) and high tail it out to sea. At this rate, smooth river water and light canoes should be pocket change... (I hope)....

Go Caye Caulker Fly Weights, GO!

Wendy (Proud Sponsor of the Fly Weights Canoe Team! - Wish I could have donated more, but next year, I promise!)