Caye Caulker will soon have a new water system. Belize Rural South Area Representative, Patty Arceo, says the new water system follows months of tireless work.


"The water system here in Caye Caulker is something that successive governments have been looking at. Last year we concluded a study funded by the IDB and Japanese Grant, it was close to about three hundred thousand whereas the consultation went from house to house inquiring about the needs of it being in sense where exactly is your pump and the reality of it as to where the septic tanks are and the contamination that some of them have experienced and the need also of people, how much they would be willing to pay for a system that will be coming here. Caye Caulker will be different than the other rural areas; it will be similar to the one in San Pedro as we need reverse osmosis for the desalination of the water. People here on the island we believe are prepared as they need the water system here 'cause we can be attending not only to the locals but also looking at the needs of the tourism industry that is forever expanding here on the island."

Meanwhile, a commercial pier will be officially opened in Caye Caulker shortly. The previous piers that existed were destroyed by successive storms that have hit Caye Caulker over the last few years. The Inter-American Development Fund, I-D-B, and Government funded the current pier. Johnson and Johnson International constructed it. Area Representative Arceo also spoke with Love News about the disbursement of lots in Caye Caulker.


"We have also on the West Side of the Island by the airstrip the biggest subdivision here on the island which is the Bahia Puesta el Sol which is sunset bay. We have about 265 lots that we will be distributing here among the people in Caye Caulker and we also invite residents from mainland who have a vested interest in Caye Caulker to talk to the village council because we are encouraging investments to be coming here in Caye Caulker. Sunset Bay or Bahia Puesta el Sol has close to about forty Bay lots that are very beautiful and are ideal for commercial. On the North side of the island we're also putting up another subdivision. For the disbursements of those lots we ask people to come in and do their applications right here with the lots committee. They process the application, we try to call the people as soon as possible so that they can come in to pay their fee for the survey and once the land has been survey by the ministry of Natural resources the people come back and we raffle the lot among them."

Arceo adds that a similar land distribution programme and other developmental projects are also underway in neighboring San Pedro Town.


"We are also having one of the largest land distribution which has about four hundred fifty lots on the west side of the island which is the bay from those four hundred and fifty lots we have about one hundred eleven lots which are ideal beach front lots on the bay it's very beautiful. They all measure 80 x 60 and we're going through the same process that will be going on in Caye Caulker over in San Pedro. We're also working with the Ministry of Works for construction of our civic center for the past 15 years successive governments have been working. We're finalizing. We've identified where the material is and we're looking forward to this building, a new San Pedro Police Department with the magistrate courts so these are some of the work being done in San Pedro. "

Belize Rural South Area Representative, Patty Arceo.