Patty Arceo was offering those very same 265 swamp lots to the villagers of Caye Caulker for a LEASE price of $7000 Bz Dollars. They were not even able to scrounge up interest from even twenty villagers. Do you know why? Because the area they are trying to sell is swampland. When you build a house on your lot, it will sink. There will go your land money and your house money. Also, it is a ripoff to ask poor people to pay $7000 BZ for a residential lease, when elsewhere in the country this same process goes for $45. Patty Arceo is lining her pocket big time. She cannot even give the lots away to local people, which stopped her from lining her pocket the way she thought she would have, so now she is trying to suck up to unsuspecting mainlanders in the hope of lining her pocket with THEIR money instead, since the Caye Caulker people did not empty their pockets for her.

She is doing a disservice to the people of Caye Caulker, selling out their lands to the highest bidder, against the wishes of the local people.

And the water system, it is a joke and a dream in her head only. No such thing exists. Elections are close and she needs to tell the people something, anything. Even lies.

Shame on you Marty for posting such lies on this board.