You are right about the water .It is a political promo. The engineer hired to check out the prospect sat next to me on the flight to the States. Our market is too small unless everyone cooperates to hook up. Working together is not always a Caye Caulker custom. As to the lots- most of the land on caye caulker is swamp filled in by man. The rest is swamp filled in by nature. Examples like Harmouche old store and everything west to the dock are the old landfill dump. The airstrip is former swamp. Most homes are on former swamp. Check out Glenda's. She and the others are happy to have homes. The old lots were given out with the requirement that they build in three years or lose the lease. Poor folks could not get loans top build and had no cash. These new ones have the idea of including a house and loan to solve that. The list of potential buyers seems to be mostly villagers not imaginary Chinese investors.Problem is that the buyers still need to qualify to some extent and this will shut out many poor people, just like the Homestead Act with it's 3 years requirement has in the past.