The anti foreigner messages that you see here from time to time shouldn't hurt any of your feelings out there. This one of the many comic book aspects of life here.The definition was given on this site by someone who makes these remark is that a foreigner is someone who isn't from here. Not added is "unless they are my good friend." This would put all Belizians from the main as foreigners along with actual foreign citizens. The funny part is that the three people who I hear make these remarks all have foreign passports in their purses! I have heard it said about all three people that they are "not from here"
The real point of these sentiments is a desire to always go to the head of the line for all opportunities. Your friends from the main are invited to cut in line with you naturally.
Every person who expesses these sentiments has a different list of who is 'from here'. There is a not so funny side that says "if you are black, too white, or chinese then you are not from here. Not your children born and grown here or grandchildren either. If you aren't a good friend of mine your family will never be from here."
Any way don't be insulted -these are English and American citizens who are talking this line mostly.