We are spending a month in an island called Maui. Here the community and gov. has been guided somewhat for centuries by the idea of "aloha". The king had no army, cops, or jails. He governed by smoozing and helping so many people that everyone liked him or owed him a favor.
Caye Caulker has maybe 500 or 600 adults. Some are homebound or have other reasons not to particpate in community life. That might leave only 300 or so people. If you can get 200 to agree with you like the Maui kings did then you can bring positive things to CC.(Hint: Bitter remarks don't work)
Message boards like this can actually change the minds of enough folks to make a change on the ground that you can see.You need reach only a handful of us in an island society like ours. Along with your great ideas perhaps one might include a way to implement them on this sandbar for real.