Remember that most all big things start small, often as an idea, or vision, or wish. Also remember that if you throw a small pebble into still water, it will create large rings that spread out much farther than the pebble could ever touch.

OK, OK, enough abstract, mystical parables: I agree with most everything every poster has written. What CC could use is a good community organizer; a person who works to build consensus, or at the very least, compromise that people can accept. Do you think something like a Peace Corp volunteer could do the trick? Is there any BZE or CC native that could be this community organizer? Would it be better if it were an outsider, since they could be the catalyst & also take the heat so that locals could continue to work toward established goals, rather than being slowed by the personalities and the politics.

In the states, communities do land use plans. It's a complex process that can involve the citizens every step of the way IF THEY CHOOSE TO BE INVOLVED. While it's complex, it doesn't require lots of education to accomplish, just a successful model to adapt, and willingness to do the homework. As Allie says, some best practices could be utilized, for all aspects, even the plan. Don't reinvent the wheel. Just borrow the best one you can find, tweak it to fit the island, and commit your body, heart, soul and mind. If you can't do that, then visibly and vocally support those who ARE doing it.

When something positive is going on, people WILL notice. Then, slowly, they will begin to believe that positive change can happen. And regrettably, it then takes them a while to jump in and help or just support the efforts.

From some of the other posts, it seems that one of the first movements might be to identify a BZE'r that is honest, will work for the common good, is strong enough to withstand some "blows" and has shown themselves able to pursue something for the longer run. Once these folks are identified, they can be approached by the group wanting change. They can be asked to serve as a community leader, especially on the village council & other positions of political influence and power. If you find some (even one) who agrees to run, then you organize the campaign to educate the voters, or even get people to vote, and get them in office. the work can really begin at that point.

As someone said, how can this be accomplished? Maybe it can't......yet. Perhaps the seeds are tiny and take a while to germinate. sometimes that happens. But just because it will take a long time doesn't mean it isn't worth doing. And each person can do their thing in the best possible way. Educate your children about fairness, and community, and conservation, and integrity. They may be able to accomplish what their parents cannot.