OK, "what's best" I can certainly admit that there is truth to your statement. Even though I am new to the island, I'm not foolish enough to believe that no one has ever done anything to improve the island life for those who live there. I can even admit that my ideas may not be right for CC. What I read on this board is that there are some things that need changing and there are some things that are working,and some that are working are in danger of falling by the wayside because of certain obstacles. So my remarks are coming from that information.

But don't just cut and run with your comments. Be specific. You are not registered, so no one knows who you are. Why is your message so cryptic? Are we supposed to figure out what things you classify as progress and what you consider ugly? And for those things that are working: how do you support them continuing? And for the ugly: what solutions have you found, or what do you propose?

I have been told before that I am a dreamer and that the ideas I have are simply the imaginings of an overly optimistic person. When I was young, such remarks did not stop me from trying. I discovered that I learned as much from the trying as I did from the actual accomplishment. And I am fortunate that many of my dreams actually happened, some for a short term, some are still going. Now that I am older, I am able to use the strength and wisdom I have gathered in my "tryings" to sustain me when some would say I am dreaming.

So please come back and give us the benefit of your tryings. Share your wisdom with us. We will welcome it. We may not all agree, but most of us are willing to consider your words.