I think the post saying specific projects are what is needed is on the right track.Coastal Zone is trying to form a big overall plan with a lot of input from many folks. Amanda French, the latest Peace Corps worker, just finished a posting here.FEMRACC is a group representing many groups that is charge of one Reserve.
-How about cleaning the streets without pointing any fingers?
-Community planting or gardening? 500 trees a year done properly could change the Caye into a lovely garden. I suspect I know where those trees could be donated for free.
-How about zoning? We are too small a village to have zoning under the laws of Belize. Those who live next the bars know how bad zoning is needed. This has caused some deep differences between island residents.
Another benefit to having residential only areas -your local customer base comes from there. Grassroots support could bring zoning as a Special Area Resolution since CC has already been named a Special Area.