Great post, keycocker! A wealth of info and specific suggestions. A great start and it's good to learn of some things that are going on now.

How do/did the locals feel about the Peace Corp worker? From the tone of your post, I gather she was accepted and helpful. Will CC get another PC worker? Does it want/need one? I've known a number of ex-Corps folks. All were committed and inteligent, with many positive attributes. More about working with than leading. Just another tool, several said.

The details you've given highlight some projects that can be joined; others that could be started. There must be other folks with the same interests, or with other suggestions.

keycocker's post is full of hope and visions and action, rather than negative discussions of what's not right. It's easy to be negative if one is uninformed. Some one smart said "knowledge is power."

Where would one go to get some donated vegetation? If all of us who visit plant even a few trees/other greenery while there, CC can be restored to before the last 2 hurricanes....don't ya think? And what a kick to return and see your plantings green and growing.

It's my understanding that no vegetation or seeds can be carried into the country. Is that correct?

Another suggestion for us visitors: find a project you support and give a few $'s toward the cause. How could we locate legit stuff to support?

thanks for changing the tone of the tune, keycocker!