The Palmar Maya Preservation Group cordially invites all members of the media to its 3rd annual “Fiesta del Pueblo”. The Mestizo Culture comes alive this Sunday October 8 at the Plaza Maximo Perez in San Jose Nuevo Palmar, Orange Walk. The ceremony to mark the celebration of the 70th anniversary of San Jose Nuevo Palmar will begin at 9am. The people of San Jose Viejo were relocated to San Jose Nuevo Palmar after the village was affected by colonial power in the late 1800s and early 1900s.The day’s event will feature all day long folkloric dances from San Jose Nuevo Palmar, Yo Creek, San Narciso, Patchacan, Cristo Rey, and Chetumal. Lots of Mestizo dishes prepared at the grounds on fire hearth. Savor the rich flavors of one of the favorite dishes - the cochinita pibil. Witness the Exhibition of Mestizo artifacts and relive the ancient days of the Maya Mestizo.

“Reliving the Maya Mestizo Culture on our 70th Anniversary”