We'll only be in Belize one day on a cruise. College aged daughter & 2 friends want to just "chill" at a beach. But I know them & what they really mean is they want to have no real plans other than hang out at the beach, maybe snorkel right there, shop a bit, but most especially be someplace where there are OTHER young people their age. If the beach (split?) at C.C. is just REALLY, REALLY quiet w/almost no people or activity, they won't like it. I need to know whether to purchase tickets for them for the boat to go to CC or not. PLEASE help me on this one!

Next: My husband and I are thinking of booking the excursion to C.C. w/Coral Breeze so that I can snorkel and he can dive,and we will go over and back on the same boat and eat lunch together. (C.B. now offers a dive to the barrier reef & Shark Ray Alley - same locations as the snorkeling??) The dilemma is whether he will be missing out on a MUCH better dive/experience if he does that instead of goes w/the ship's excursion to Turneffe Atoll? He was just certified in June and did dives at Cancun, St. Lucia and in Bonne Terre Mines in Mo. (We have both snorkeled many places in the caribbean and in HI.) I hate to feel like I am "holding him back", but he feels the barrier reef is probably good enough. Would the barrier reef still be a good dive for him? (It probably won't be the last time we are in Belize.)

If any of you reading this have other suggestions re: better beach or activities for the girls (even another island or on the mainland), or better snorkeling/diving ideas, please let me now asap! Need to book and can't decide!
Thanks very much for any input.