I Love Caye Caulker! I don't have to work too hard (about 1 hr/day) for the past 8 years and still make enough to live comfortably. I go snorkelling at the reef a lot, fishing when I can, I have a few good friends, the weather is mostly good, the crime is petty and manageable, the new people (some ex-pats who feel they are the know it all of the island) suck and ruin the local vibe, but some blend in and manage to co-exist peacefully with the locals- not easy to get a job or make money if you are not connected somehow unless of course you are a land speculator and have $$$ to invest (land is still relatively cheap) whereby you could be rich in the next decade if you are not in a hurry for a return on your investment.
But all in all, the multitude of girls that come here open there legs immediately to the local casanova's and fall for their wonderful "lyrics" almost always get burned because before they are on their plane headed home, there is already somebody else warming the bed. Casanovas are everywhere in the world not just Belize.
But otherwise, be cautious before moving here, only because if you are planning on moving here with an attitude you might encounter a lot of resistance along your journey get chewed up and spat out by the locals. Anybody got milk?