Oh how wonderful it is for me to wake up everyday and look out from the second floor. I lie in comfort on my king size bed and watch through the double glass doors out over my balcony at the saphire seas & through the tall gentle blowing coconut fronds that line the white sandy beach in front. The doors frame this picturesque slow moving shot and I lay my head back and inhale the freshest clean breeze ever.

My lover leans over and whispers that I demonstrated uncommon valor on the fields of passion earlier this morning. His soft voice in my ear and the heat of his breath on my neck as he begs "I want to feel the inviting warmth and wetness of your slippery seas and slide my rudder deeper into your waters and set my course even more truly".
Being such a beautiful Caribbean day, I obliged and felt my waves slapping at his hull and dream about the starlit night tonight and the boats passing with sails full of lusty gusts, with the patience and steadfastness to shoot into the eye of my throbbing hurricane leaving me tranquil and calm in the afterglow of a perfect storm....

(to be continued)