I think it's clear (and we did report on this in our Bonus Report newsletter in early March) that Belize is on course for a record year for tourism. This is probably the year in which tourism replaces agriculture as the clear # 1 industry in Belize.

I agree that the television campaign in cities such as Houston and Dallas have made a difference in getting people into Belize, especially for short, last-minute trips from those gateway cities.

But a lot of other things are coming together to make it work -- the strong U.S. economy, of course ... more airlift, with the AA non-stop flight from DFW ... more and better hotels especially at the upper end in Belize ... and let's not forget Web sites like Marty's, which provide a tremendous boost to Belize tourism (even though I often think the GOB and BTB don't realize it).

--Lan Sluder
Belize First Magazine

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