Hey! Thanks to everyone who emailed me in repsonse to my survey on ecotourism. I handed in my paper yesterday and I'm really happy with it! Well, now I have more homework, actually I've got an assignmnet due everyday now until next wednesday and then 3 on thurday, then finals, and then I get to go home for christmas to see my family!!! YAY! I can't wait. What my assignment is now is to write a consumers guide for a day of sea kayaking. I've decided to write it on Caye Caulker. Could someone from the caye please write me back and tell me every place on the caye that has kayaks for rent and what the approximate price is? I know SaylKing and chocolate does, and I think star tours and tsunami, and I remember the place where we got ours from was the place in front of rainbow. Am i missing any? Allie could you help me out here? (or anyone) This is due friday sorry for the short notice. Again, Thanks for your help!
P.S. Allie, did you get the surf ski's? how do they work?