Today is the birth date of two famous people, Bob Marley and my daughter Giselle. Happy Birthday to you both!

Bob Marley tribute concert set for Sunday
This weekend, local reggae fans will gather at the B.T.L. Park on the Barracks for the first annual Bob Marley tribute concert. According to organiser Joel Robinson, on Sunday local artists will be performing a wide range of Bob's songs on stage. Robinson says the idea is to give entertainers a chance to emulate a legend while promoting a peaceful revolution.

Joel Robinson, Organizer, Bob Marley Tribute
”I ask people fu just come and enjoy themselves with peace, because the reason I di do this da fu mek peace and fu mek artists, especially the young Belizean artists them see how Bob sing his music and how he deal with his music, you understand.”

“I find out through fi he music and listening to he, humble me a lot. So even if I get angry, I would come home and play the music and that just settle me. This da what I want take out deh, mek people listen. Radio play some Bob, but da Bob weh yuh hear everyday, but there is so much other music weh Bob do. That’s why I get Kwame Scott and some of the biggest deejay artists fu shub the music mek people hear how much music Bob have out there; the message inna the music. That’s why I di ask the local artists, there’s no problem fu unu come out and come support the show, but this da noh one thing fi seh like no special artist wah come mash up the show, this da Bob Marley ... So I deh ask Sons of Negroes, Ganzie, Indio, any of them come out, come pan stage and just do unu Bob mek we keep it that way deh.”

According to Robinson, the concert is slated to begin at six p.m. and run until early Monday, which is Bob Marley's birthday. We understand tonight that other tribute concerts are also in the works for musicians including reggae artist Denis Brown and local legend Wilfred Peters.

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