I've visited Ramon's Village Resort several
times, and I find it to a lovely place to
stay... It is clean,pleasant and the service
is great...The staff is the friendliness,
they seem to have a warm and friendly way
of showing their guests a great time...
The food is great, they prepare American,
Caribbean dishes, etc... The cabana, villas
are lovely, they have a warm topical touch..
I like their new swimming pool and jacuzzi..
They have a beautiful beach front, and view..
The beach is clean, and the sea is very clear to swim...I really enjoyed the good
treatment there, its lovely..
I hope you enjoy your stay at Ramon's, and
have fun in San Pedro...

I like the new feature of the message board..It is a more appropriate format for safe and friendly discussions..Good luck, and hope everything works out for the best, Marty..Thanks...