Hi Everyone,
This message board can be full of useful information so I thought I'd throw out a request! I would LOVE to know the in's and out's of shopping in Belize City. I know there must be wonderful shops full of stuff I would love but I have know idea where they are. I would love somewhat of a shopping guide to the city or even the country for that matter as I have been told there is great shopping in Chetumal. I am mostly interested in house hold goods rather than clothing, but all is welcome. Maybe this would be a great article for the online newspaper! I'm sure many ex-pats and so on have done some great research too and might have something to add. I've been to shops like Mirab and Simon Kwan, but I would love to know things like where is the best place to get furniture? dishes? appliances? garden supplies? is there anywhere that has import things say from India? Any replies are greatly appreciated!