If your staying farther south of town....say from Banyan Bay and points south...Tropica, Banana Beach, Mata Rocks, Royal Palm, or Caribe Island....you will payin-between $7-$10 bz for cab fair. Caribe Island does have it's own van, but I think they only use it to pick you up on arrival....and take you back on departure to the airport.
Most of the cab drivers will be parked right in the town square....where the park is.....waiting for you to come out of the bar. This is a busy time for them. There are also food vendors ready to sell you that late night snack. They have the best hotdogs!....LOL After several rum and cokes at Fido's....boy do they taste good! [Linked Image]
Bicycles can be rented by the day or week even. Some people never lock their bikes up here....and most times...nothing happens. I always lock everything up.....old habit from the states....LOL I just feel better knowing I won't have to spend money to replace it. Bikes are expensive here. Most rental bikes here are beach cruisers....which you will be thankful for when you hit that loose sand....trust me!
If you prefer walking....at a steady pace from Banyan Bay to town takes about 40 minutes....depending on how long your legs are....LOL.
Have a great trip!

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