Hi all.
We just got back early last friday morning from AC.
While there my daughter was ill with abdominal pain every two hours (wed. I think) which gradually got better by thursday when we travelled back to home. She had started her cycle a few days before that and we went snorkeling the prev. day (can swallowing sea water give abdominal pain?), or I figured it was something she ate.
Today is sunday the 24th (we returned home early the 22nd and were on AC from 14-21 Dec.) and she is having flu symptoms that started last night: some fever, chills, aches especially in the legs, headaches. Tyelnol takes care of the fever for a bit.
We were only on the mainland for a half day Altun Ha and river tour. I don't think we were there after dark.

Today I'm having some bathroom flu symptoms (and I don't mean vomiting), and dh was a bit off last night at work. Other daughter and her fiance seem to be fine.

So this very well could be the flu since I realize that Malaria isn't contagious as such.

She did get skeeter bitten on the island (more so than either dh or I)... should I be concerned or am I just being freaked out??

I read some of the posts here that say Malaria isn't common on the island.

At this point the only doc avail. would be the emergency room. (gotta love retired military health care sometimes)

Thanks everyone and Merry Christmas!!