Ok kids...it's only 4 weeks until the festivities begin!

Just a quick update...

We have over 80 jumpers and 148 people total so far, not counting all of you board members!

The jump plane will be in on the 9th and we should be jumping the 10th!

My good pal Molly is coming down with some really cool t-shirts and other stuff you will want to check out. There will be a sales display at the SunBreeze.

Jeff Pierce and Jules Escalante are cleaning up the landing area of the construction equipment, and Harriet (scubaldy)is helping out with garbage removal with the kids again. Thanks to all who alerted me to the condition of the LZ.

Our welcoming dinner is the 10th at the Blue Water Grill. It is a private party for all of the jumpers, however please feel free to stop in around 10pm to enjoy some live music and meet some pretty cool folks.

I welcome everyone to stop in and say hi, check it out and enjoy the festivities. If you want to jump just show up and we'll get you on a plane!

Tandems are $225usd and video and stills are $110usd.

The landing area is just across the bridge by Reef Village and Coco Loco's bar. Please come watch the landings, but stay out of the landing area when canopies are in the air. They land at 50 mph sometimes!

Ok, I have done my part! Let's do a SUN and Blue Sky Dance you locals!!!!!!!!!!

See you all there!!!!!!