Hey Reaper, Let me get this Boogie in Belize thing straight. You pay 225US for a ride, they take you up to 13,000 feet (less then half the altitude you go on a normal plane), Then someone pushes you out eek sick and you land on the ground (Safely) smirk , So let's see, Do you give frequent fly-er miles? cry and if so do you only give them for half frown of the flight? Is the amount you charge Half of what a full ride would cost? I don't see the savings of flying on Reaper Airlines especially the quick landing thing. What if I stub my toe or something? cry Sorry to say I will not be on your plane for the boogie in Belize flights. Let me know when you can figure out how to land the plane at the airport and maybe I will change my mind. Your pal (on the ground wink ) 2miles grin ....Have a great (And Safe) time I'm sorry I will miss the "Boogie" by a week or two. Don't drink all the Belikins and Rum Punch, save some for me.. crazy