Well to start things off I went to Reef Adventures to get started on my Advanced Open Water Certification… so my first day there I got in Deep dive completed on the 11 o’clock boat! I loved the deep dive! The next day, Thursday, December 14 I got in 2 more dives, I should've been done by now but the weather is not cooperating! I did a navigation dive and Fish ID!

During the navigation dive I had problems equalizing but I think my weight belt was over weighted… oh well live and learn right! I did enjoy my dives overall though and I do wish that I had my camera for these dives!

On Friday the 15th I went to the Holy Cross elementary school to help out with their Christmas party… the kids were so cute and all have too much energy! haha! A few of them even grabbed me to give me a big hug! I finally meet Taco Girl… BTW thanks for giving me the opportunity to help out… I don’t fell like I did that much but next time will be different! I did have a good time and am hoping to do some more volunteer work like that and would love to do things like this more often during my travels!

I might Keli too... had a blast a Ladies Nite! wish we could've saw u a bit more! next time!

On Christmas Eve... at Jags... Santa was trying to get everyone drunk! haha! had lots of fun that nite... and it was different going to the bar on Christmas eve too!

Christmas here was amazingly nice! dinner was AMAZING… home cooked meal and everything! turkey, ham, stuffing, potato salad, sweet potato casserole, rice and beans! I was well feed that's for sure!

I finally completed my diving for my certification around the 28th, did a performance buoyancy dive, now I'm finally a certified advanced open water diver!

Well we planned to go to the mainland on the 30th to Belmopan but our plans feel thru because of the weather... it was supposed to be raining through out the mainland too! That morning was like a small tropical storm coming thru... not really but it down poured and the winds were really strong

But go figure that after around 10am everything cleared up... the sun was out but the current looked strong, the waves were huge and rough looking at the reef! So i guess that the mainland will probably have to wait until next time...

New Years Eve... very different... they had no count down but the parties were huge! The streets and bars were just PACKED! Like it took forever to even get a drink it was so busy! But by far that was the best New Years Eve yet so I can't complain about anything that night expect for getting sick all the way home up the beach! So it was a good but rough night! haha!

Well as for my last week everything was great... i went into the mainland but only to Belize City to meet up with my friend and we went shopping!! i bought a pair knock off runners for $45 BZE but I don’t even care they’re so cute and are Asian Tigers! LOL

My cousin Lindsey and I did a day tour one of the Mayan Ruins - the Lamanai Temples... SO BEAUTIFUL!!! it was breath taking the sites that we saw, and we were able to climb one of the temples... just amazing... we had to trek through the jungle to get to the temples and within the jungles there are of course animals, the one animal that stood out was the Howler Monkey! they make the neatest sound... they look like a small chimp i guess but the sound that comes out sounds like a huge gorilla!

I finally got in two dives - did Tres Cocos and went down to 80feet and than Esmeralda's and went down to 60feet! My friend Eric came with me, he's a dive master and got lots of good pics for me! I really enjoyed those dives and I'm looking forward to more!

The four of us girls did a day tour with some friends from Uprising Tours... Clifford and Eric… I HIGHLY recommend them to anybody! I did 2 half day fishing tours with them last time and had a blast!!!

We did a full day with them. Did some fishing, where i caught 3 Barracuda all were about 4 - 4.5 feet, My friend caught a little Yellow Tail something and a smaller Barracuda about 2.5 - 3 feet! We ate one of the Barracuda too! We also did some snorkeling and my cousin was scared.

We had a beach barbeque after... so good! And than we just cruised the sea back home!

My last night in San Pedro I went to dinner to Blue Water Grill, that was my best meal on the island... I definitely paid for a good meal too! haha! Believe me or not but I had steak there that night and it was SO good... the beef was actually comparable to Alberta Beef, maybe I might just be bias but Alberta does have the best steak I’ve ever eaten! But u'd probably have to try it to believe it!

Well i'm back from Belize and when I touched down in Vancouver, especially, I was ready to get on the next flight SOUTH!! Wow was Vancouver cold! But I suppose that vacations must come to an end sometime! I'll try to post some pics later! hope u all enjoyed my report... or bore u! haha!


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