I see that you posted this in two separate ares. Therefore I will respond to both,

I’m sorry to read that you had such a bad experience. I have stayed at Calypso at least three times and found the facility wonderful. I must admit I have not been there for ten months but hard to believe it would fall into disrepair in such a short time. I’ve stayed in the huge bedroom on the lower floor which was completely private and stayed in each of the rooms off of the dinning area. I don’t remember that they were open between rooms.

The times I went breakfasts were the only meals provided and we brought food for the other meals and the boat captain cooked for us. I have never gotten tired of fresh fish; but that’s just me.

Ron and his wife Linda who live on the island are wonderful and I’m happy to hear you had a good experience with him.
There are a lot of people who bought lots out there when it was first being developed. There were two different ventures that were to build dive shops there. Unfortunately this has never come to fruition. Cheryl took a big risk by building her B & B. I will go back any chance I get.

Amigos Del Mar has a good reputation as a dive shop here in San Pedro. They provide tanks to the majority of the shops here on Ambergris Caye.
I hope you continue to communicate with Cheryl and get this worked out to your satisfaction.

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