Seasonal Affective Disorder is a serious medical condition that requires prompt medical attention.

In my case, the prescription is 10 bottles of Belikin/qd and lots of relaxation.

I'm already coming in March, but I thought that since I have a little break from school at the end of January that I'd hop down too. The only thing is: I don't want to spend too much money while I'm on the island, least I not have enough to party wildly with my friends when we come down in March.

I also have a 40 page essay on Aristotle that I have to write. I'm getting some of it done here, but the dreary weather and the cold makes me less productive. I will bring my laptop and find a quiet place at some bar and have Belikin help me along.

So, I have decided that, in a departure from my usual impulsive and risky spending and partying behavior, I'm going to go low-budget, low key, de-stress relaxation. No night clubs, no fishing, no scuba, just me, Belikin, my laptop and some bullshit asshole from ancient Greece.

I need suggestions: where to stay, where to go to study and relax (where I won't be bothered), where to eat quickly and cheaply. Where to get cheap ceviche (because this is my biggest weakness).

Oh, and a more specific question: how much is the taxi ride from the international airport to the marine terminal? I'm contemplating taking a boat, which I have never done before, but I want to know how much it is going to save me.

Thanks for any helpful musings!