It's been a few years since I've visted the island (July 2004). Can anyone help me with the following???

1. BC's Sunday BBQ - I heard they stopped doing this for awhile, have they started back up? If not, where's the Sunday "meeting place" these days?

2. I hear the food stands moved; where can I find them?

3. I'm staying north - any reasonably priced restaurants up there (I hear there's a Caliente's now???)? How about bars up North - I guess Palapa is still open?

4. What's the best place to find a good rum drink / Belikin on happy hour?

5. Thinking about trying some night snorkeling this time. Last time I visited I had a hard time finding a tour company that did this (didn't seem popular enough to fill a boat). Any suggestions on best place I might be able to book this? Being "high season" might help me this trip.

I appreciate the help, look forward to the trip.