I just received a mailing from the NATURAL RESOURCES DEFENSE COUNCIL reguarding what is about to become one of the worlds most disasterous Ecco Rapes in history.
It seems that two companies, Fortis, Inc. and Duke Energy International along with the help and blessings of the Government of the Country of Belize are about to build a dam accross the Macal River in Belize. It will be
called The Chalillo Dam and will effectively
drown one of our continent's richest tropical
wildlife habitats. It will be an ecological disaster and shall totally wipe out hundreds
of square miles of the most wildlife inhabited rain forest in all of Central America. All this just to enrich the pocket books of a couple of Companies located in North America and the Belize Government. Shame!Shame!
For more info on this subject, you can go to the Natural Resources Defence Council Web Site at http://www.nrdc.org
You will find addresses and instructions on how to contact the parties who will be responsible for destroying the ecco system on the NRDC site above, should you wish to write
a protest to this tragic money grubbing endeavor.

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