Can anyone help with this observation. While in Ambergris last week, I was very happy to see the amount of security around the island. I felt very safe. There was security at the night clubs, along the beach, along the streets and also at our condos at night. They watched everything very carefully. I was most impressed. My question is that upon leaving Belize, while waiting on a flight, I was reading about some incidents in the San Pedro paper. One involved two young American women whose bungalow was broken into while they were sleeping. Both were injured in the incident and one so seriously, that the American Embassey had her airlifted to a hospital in Miami. The other was a woman, whose husband lives in San Pedro most of the year, and she was visiting him. He went fishing early in the morning and failed to lock the door of their condo. A man broke in, held her at knife point for half an hour and took $800 US, but left her unharmed. Was the security I saw, doing so well, a result of these incidents, or is security always like this?? I personally felt very safe in San Pedro.