Hello All,

We have recently planned and are eager to share in a vacation in SP/BZ with some special family and friends...we looked long and hard and decided, for our most recent of several trips, to secure a private residence/rental for the vacation. Long story really short, we have been surprised by a late communication describing additional costs for "tipping" the private caretakers for what we believe to be basic housekeeping as we are securing most, if not all, other amenities for ourselves. Can anyone let us know what you have typically added as a “gratuity” beyond typical linen service and housekeeping when you are more than willing/able to manage many of the other “touristy” aspects of your stay?!? Of course we have tipped housekeeping in the past, but this time it seems the cost for this service, over and above the cost of the rental, seems high. We are very open to your thoughts and feelings, but feel a bit blindsided by this additional expense on top of what we believe to be a premium (owner set) price for a private location. Thanks in advance for your honest and thoughtful feedback for each week’s “tip.”

With Regards, mnk

All the Best,