My wife and I are looking at purchasing a condo on Ambergris Caye that we will probably visit 6-8 months out of the year. The rest of the time will be spent back in the States with family or in our current place in Las Vegas.

My last trip to San Pedro was in October of 2005 (during the hurricane) and I know a ton of new development is in the works now. We've been looking at Reef Village as well as some other developments. We are also open to a detatched house, but prefer the condo situation due to the amount of time that we will likely be away. We don't care as much about the rental opportunities of the condo and may not elect to rent it out anyway when we are not there.

What is a reasonable price per square foot for a condo in San Pedro? I read another post here from Lan Sluder that the condo bubble may be about to burst and therefore are a little leary of buying at the high range. In fact, unless we decide to purchase a house instead, we would probably be looking more for a value investment than a luxury investment.

The Reef Village seems to be offering good value but I know there have been some issues with the locals regarding the development. In particular, I've read that they are destroying the road north of the cut and there are some questions regarding the environmental impact. Other than that, I haven't heard much about them outside of their marketing speak.

We will be there in April and will be seeking out as many options as possible so that we can make a decision shortly regarding a purchase.

If anyone has any tips, pointers or "been there" stories to share, I'd be especially interested.


Jason Southwell

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