I have been to Costa Rica and loved it. Belize looks very interesting to me also. I am a student and do not have alot of disposable funds. Are there inexpensive clean places to stay? I was looking to go to Ambergris and Caulker-are these good spots to go to relax on the beach(I've never snorkled, but I would give it a shot. I do enjoy fishing however) My main concerns are expense and wheather or not August is good time to go to the islands. I seem to be getting conflicting info about the cost of lodging. Also when I went to Costa Rica I did not make any reservations. We just drove to where we wanted to go and got hotels then. Is that possible to do in the cayes? What would you estimate a couple spending for 7 nights in August? What is the best place to fly into and what is the best (or cheapest) way to get to the cayes? Help!!!