I have just returned from San Pedro, and am
not a strong swimmer, being 62 yr old woman,
I snorkeled with Aqua Dive, Enrique, he is great, He pulled me along over the reef to see the coral at Hol Chan, and over the deep area at the cut, to see the bigger fish, and the divers there. Then the best experience was swimming with the Stingrays, and Nurse shars, at Shark Ray alley, this was all one trip. I was the first off the boat to swim with the rays and sharks, and touching them
was a real spiritual experience. Absolutely not frightening, it was peaceful. The Rays are friendly like pets. Do not miss this.
I snorkeled on a previous visit, and was left to negotiate the waters on my own an missed so much out of fear, but Enrique stayed by my side with a life preserver, and he literally pulled two of we women most of the way. He worked so hard to show us the beauty under the water, that we could not have negotiated on our own, because the currents are strong, and we were fearful of scrapping into the large coral, but he got us thru it, to our amazement, of the beauty and his strength. Husband also went reef fishing with him for a half day just one on one and caught lots of fish. WE LOVE ENRIQUE, at AQUA DIVE AT the SUNBREEZE.

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