Not a fan of U.S. policy toward Cuba, but I am certainly no fan of Cuba either. Cuba is to be commended for its disaster response and medical establishment, but these are pin-points of light in a dark dark land.

Unfortunately, if Chavez's oil wealth dries-up we will see the same thing in Venezuela.

You can only blame the Caymans for so much here. CARICOM nations are forced to deal with anti-American sentiment and take sides between warring ideologies in the region. Not fair, but that's the game. It's a bad idea to alienate the U.S. and a bad idea to alienate Castro/Chavez if you want to have credibility in the region. Catch-22 for smaller nations like Belize and the BWI.

You can blame the West for starving Cuba, but this is a bad argument. Socialism doesn't work people.

I will have a Belikin -- put it on klcman's tab.