LOL....(big grin on my face) Don't know what it is about stepping off that plane at Phillip Goldson airport.....but it is like magic. I personally think they put some kind of hallucinagenic in your cocktail on the plane....LOL I had the same experience 5 years ago....I hadn't even left the airport and I knew I was hooked on Belize. Crazy, huh? I Think the thing that got me is it's like stepping into a time warp. Like say the 1950's in the states......back when I wish I had been raised.....when life was less complicated. I know I heard brakes screeching and my sandals were smoking.....everything inside me said...RELAX....s l o w d o w n.....LOL
That was right up my ally because I was sick of my stressed out life. Now that I live here, I still have stress....LOL....just different kinds.....but it's not so hard to deal with when I can look out my window and see those palm trees and that turquoise water! Ahhhhhhhhh.....can you hand me my margarita?.....LOL