I pay a annual fee at the Town Board for the permit (no other district pays this fee). I pay an annual fee to the Traffic Department for registration. I have a registered and licensed (plate) cart. I also pay insurance and about $US5 per gallon, for gas, which half of the price is taxes. I drive a pretty nice looking cart, to me at least.

I'm not placing a big ugly orange sticker on my cart. Use the money I have paid you to count yourself using the information you have. Hello?

If anyone doesn't like my driving, tell me. Don't try to jot down a number when driving! Your eyes should be on the road and your hands on the weel. What the [#%!]?

I can't believe folks just lined up and put these stickers on their nice carts because someone said to? Where is the S.I. or decree from the Commissioner? Didn't they all ready try this, five years ago?


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